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    Monday, July 10th, 2017
    2:40 pm
    IC for [info]manyloves

    Middle Ages: does the media ever get it right?
    2:24 pm

    Name: Fiona Lynch
    PB: Katie McGrath
    Age: 27
    Journal: flynch

    Smokes: No
    Drinks: Socially
    Drugs: No (but have dabbled in pot)
    Religion: Catholic but very lapsed
    Orientation: Bi-curious
    About Me: After a year from hell I'm simply wanting to embrace having a career without people on my back. Pretty simple right?

    Kinks: WIP but all common no-gos apply.
    Triggers: Escaped an arranged marriage last year

    1. Fiona is of Irish/French descent and speaks both languages on a fluent level.

    2. She comes from a very old school family in Vancouver British Columbia Canada (she is a duel citizen of the states and Canada) when it comes to most issues, when it was discovered she was going to grad school it was made clear she should accept fate and give up her dreams to become a "perfect baby making machine". She was also told she would be forced into marriage instead of grad school (since by some miracle she was allowed to attend university for undergrad, they also hate her art history studies instead of being a "proper lady" and going into something like teaching or nursing). Once she met the guy she would be forced with it was sealed, she was going to split town instead of meekly being a perfect robot. The bad vibes were not helping either, she still can't explain why.

    Fiona ran away to Europe while her parents were in New Zealand for a wedding several weeks after graduation, she figured nobody would stop her and so far its worked in her favor. Its been almost a year since she ran and she's never been happier. But at the same time she's still dealing with not just a near forced marriage but her own emotions of being told she's good for nothing but baby making.

    3. Over the year plus since she took off Fiona's done everything from selling tee shirts for a punk band to acting in ren fairs (she still does this since turns out she's not only good at it but is having a blast). She also works as a translator/interpeter on a freelance basis in both Irish and French.

    Fiona also admits she went a bit wild after escaping to drown the pain. She never goes into detail but its safe to assume there was some drinking and mild drug use (nothing stronger than pot and she's clean now).

    She's also sure working at a resort will cause "Pearl clenching" if family finds out as she puts it.

    4. Fiona will start graduate work in art history at Oxford online come fall term (undergrad is from NYU in art history and French), she wants to go into restoring and research post graduation. Her focus is two fold: Irish folk art and the Middle Ages. She's also a talented photographer in her own right.

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